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Reinhard Koenig

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With SuperMachina, I am exploring the vast universe of electronic music production and having not settled on a planet yet.

About Me

SuperMachina started in 2019 when I felt an insatiable urge to produce electronic music. For producing my tracks, I experiment with various digital instruments, controllers, and hardware synthesizers. I follow a procedural approach trying to generate rhythms and melodies instead of composing them in a traditional way. In this context, I admire the instruments invited by Tim Exile with Reaktor that offers a new approach for making electronic music. In addition, I explore innovative tools like the Grid in Bitwig that is a nice trade-off between an easy to use interface and the technical complexity of implementing your own digital instrument.


Reinhard Koenig

Supermachina is the work of Reinhard Koenig, a creator of electronic music. Reinhard follows procedural approaches in generating rhythms and melodies, rather than composing them in a traditional way. The result is some quite intense tracks that are glitchy in nature, abstract, and actually quite fun.

Besides producing electronic music, I am a professor for computational architecture at the Bauhaus-University Weimar, Germany. In the tradition of the Bauhaus, I am aiming to explore relationships between new technologies, architectural and urban design, and the creation of electronic music. There are obviously relationships between computational tools for parametric design like Grasshopper for Rhino 3D and such for creating digital instruments like Reaktor, Max MSP, or the Grid in Bitwig.